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Welcome to our new website! Many thanks to Emily Crandall for managing this creative project with grace and efficiency. Thank you also to local photographers (and our good friends!), Lauren Shaw and Lizzy Flanagan who produced the beautiful images for our new site.

For nearly twelve years it’s been our mission to be the highest quality Pilates studio with the goal of helping our clients find better ways of moving that support their active lives with the least amount of pain, and the fewest number of injuries. Most of our new clients are personal referrals, so we’re feeling great about the success of our mission. A big THANK YOU to all of our clients for choosing great Pilates training for your bodies!

This new website is just the beginning. We have big plans for Every Body Pilates in 2013, and look forward to sharing our growth with you as we go. In the meantime, stop by the blog to hear stories from the field, see beautiful images of the work we’re doing, and just generally connect with us when you’re not at the studio.

We also encourage you to follow us at Facebook and Twitter where we will post about workshops, special offers, scheduling changes and lots of other good stuff.

Thanks again for being the best clients around. We’re so proud of the work we’re doing with you!

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