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Natalie Hunter in Belmont - Every Body Pilates

Natalie Hunter

Natalie grew up in Colorado cross-country ski racing. After studying biology at Dartmouth College, Natalie’s passion for health and wellness brought her to Tufts where she received dual master degrees in nutrition and public health. Natalie is currently the lead data analyst and product manager at Lighter, a nutrition technology company.

Natalie discovered pilates while running on the endurance racing team at Dartmouth. After suffering various training injuries, Natalie found she needed Pilates to keep her running. Pilates enables Natalie to live her life to the fullest; she feels she has the strength, endurance, and body organization to literally leap around daily life with joy. Natalie is pursuing the Advanced Level Certification with The Pilates Center and she is excited to help others connect with their own bodies to pass on the Pilates joy.

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