Annie Demarco

Annie Demarco’s passion for Pilates developed out of a painful back injury that was exacerbated by pregnancy. She was searching for an exercise routine that she could participate in while healing from her injury. Annie started with reformer classes and quickly fell in love with Pilates. Over the past three years, Pilates has increased her strength and flexibility. Pilates has allowed Annie to enjoy all of her previous activities with ease. She is an avid hiker, biker, and rock climber. Understanding first hand, the benefits of Pilates with her own body, Annie wanted to become a Pilates instructor and help ease the pain of others. She recently completed coursework through Balanced Body, and is eager to start the Bridge Program to become classically trained through The Pilates Center. We are happy to have her in the studio as an apprentice teacher and studio assistant while she finishes the program.