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Who We Are:
Every Body Pilates is a classical studio with an open mind. We specialize in helping clients with Pilates and Redcord suspension exercise. We have recently added a movement studio, adding Barre, Zumba, Yoga, and Modern Dance to our schedule. As a team we are dedicated to helping our members to develop better movement patterns for a pain free life. We want our members to move through life with the body they HAVE, learning the skills that create the body they WANT.

-Experience preferred, but would consider a new grad. Must be near completion of the program if not fully certified at the time of hire.
-Team Player
-Self Starter
-Willingness to build and retain business
-Must possess exceptional customer service skills

-Part time and Full Time Hours available
-Competitive Salary based on experience and studio commitment, opportunities for bonus
-Opportunities for growth and career advancement
-Vacation Benefits
-Free In House Training
-Participation in Workshops in Pilates and related fields of study
-Opportunities for Higher Education
-Discounts on services and retail

At Every Body Pilates we seek enthusiastic, open minded, Pilates teachers to join our team who are committed to their client’s progress, and their own professional development. Teachers must be interested in the camaraderie, and intellectual rigor of being a part of a team. If the teacher is not comprehensively certified, the lessons they are expected to teach will be relevant to their level of study.

We have a busy, well established studio full of gracious clients who appreciate thoughtful instruction. Our wait list is growing with potential clients calling daily. Must be team minded and interested in the art of teaching in a fun, creative environment.

If interested send resumes to

Interested in becoming a fully certified Pilates teacher? At Every Body Pilates we also train teachers. Contact for more information about becoming an Apprentice.