Holistic Pain Management near Belmont

Katia Diadamo

Like many people who are attracted to Pilates, Katia began practicing Pilates as a way to heal from injuries. After practicing gymnastics for over 9 years, Katia had put a lot of pressure on her joints and needed a safe way to find balance in movement. She saw the positive way her body responded and knew she wanted to help others experience the benefits of Pilates.

Katia is committed to helping others move through the world with greater ease and confidence. She strives to provide a fun and safe environment to help her clients achieve their personal fitness goals and live a happy and healthy life. Katia understands how vital safety is to your health; she will always care about her clients’ well-being and needs. While working in a group class or one-on-one setting, Katia will take the time to teach you the correct form.

Katia holds two comprehensive certifications in Pilates as well as certifications in Barre, Spinning, and Zumba. She participates in various Pilates workshops and intensives on a regular basis. Katia considers Continuing Education as an essential aspect of her teaching as well as her own personal practice. Her personal Pilates practice keeps her physically, emotionally and mentally balanced. Katia is excited to be a part of the Every Body Pilates team and looks forward to sharing her passion for Pilates with you.

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