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Miriam Lundgren in Belmont - Every Body Pilates

Miriam Lundgren

At a crucial point during her time at Texas Christian University while obtaining a BFA in Modern dance, Miriam Lundgren discovered Pilates and the extraordinary benefits that functional anatomy could do for the mind and body. In 2005 she was able to begin integrating her dance background with Pilates by completing The Articulate Eye Pilates training program in Washington, DC. Miriam was subsequently certified through the Pilates Method Alliance.

A lover of people, Miriam believes in the power that mind-body integration can have in positively affecting the world. She has seen Pilates strengthen, heal and help people of all ages and backgrounds since she began teaching in 2005. Miriam is a lifelong learner and has continually augmented her knowledge through workshops and study with people such as Erik Franklin, Michelle Larson, Wendy LeBlanc Arbuckle, and Irene Dowd. During 2016-17, she had the privilege of volunteering with her family in rural Nicaragua. Teaching Pilates and moving with people in a multicultural context truly allowed Miriam to bridge cultural gaps that would have otherwise remained unaffected. For Miriam, it is a joy to teach every individual or group in front of her, knowing that each person’s body holds an amazing history and potential for strength and holistic health.

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