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Pilates Studio in the Heart of Belmont, MA

We are a neighborhood Pilates and Redcord studio. Our clients are from all walks of life and all fitness levels. Our teachers are professionals. Each teacher graduated from a rigorous certification program, and has lots of practical experience. They genuinely care, are inspired by and feel dedicated to this work…helping bodies perform better. Whether you are finding your way back to fitness, post rehab, or an athlete working on refining your performance, we specialize in YOU.  

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Move with us

Pilates, Redcord, Barre; do it all, 7 days a week with a $195 Unlimited Monthly Membership. Click to see more options.



We host leaders in the field of movement and anatomy. Coming in April, 2017: Blossom Leilani Crawford of Bridge Pilates.



“I’ve been exercising at Every Body Pilates for five years because of the excellent teaching and the genuinely friendly and welcoming environment. The well-trained instructors provide challenging and varied techniques for moving my body during class and throughout life, making me strong, healthy and integrated while avoiding injury.’ – Carmen Torres “I have been coming to Every Body Pilates for my Pilates workouts for over eight years … I highly recommend it to anyone of any fitness level. The instruction […]