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Pilates in Belmont
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Pilates in Belmont

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the cleanliness of the studio and all the Covid appropriate measures you have taken! I feel completely safe and so enjoy being back on the reformers. I felt a vast difference in work out results and to have each area sectioned off at a minimum of 15Ft is absolutely amazing, with the window units installed to clear the air and every item meticulously... Read More

Kristen C.S.

Pilates in Belmont

I just wanted to reach out to THANK YOU for saving me during this COVID19 Quarantine. Everything about the Virtual Pilates experience has been so easy and convenient. I do not consider myself very tech savvy, however, ZOOM has been easy to learn, and the staff has been great if folks have any questions. The setup time is incredibly easy and convenient – place a towel or mat on... Read More

Barb S.

Pilates in Belmont

Please know how helpful it has been to be able to have Pilates classes on line. Mentally and physically it has been wonderful so I want to thank youfrom the bottom of my heart. I miss everyone but taking classes on Zoom has really helped so much. Hope to see you all soon. Best, Barbara N. ... Read More

Barbara N.

Privates near Belmont

The Pain Pathway

Develop the skills to get your life back after injury, surgery, chronic conditions and the stress of modern life. We establish workouts that bolster health movement patterns, which will be taken into all parts of daily life.

Privates near Belmont

Better Health Pathway

Build better overall health through personalized workouts that bolster healthy movement patterns so you may move through life with the body you have, learning skills to create the body you want.

Pathway For Athletes

Our teachers are highly trained in developing personalized conditioning programs to support athletes reach their physical goals outside the walls of the studio. Develop a body that is as strong as it is flexible, as balanced as it is stable, as coordinated as it is integrated, as mentally facile as it is sharp.

Fitness Built For Every Body

We are a neighborhood Pilates, Redcord, and movement studio. Our clients are from all walks of life and all fitness levels. Our teachers are professionals. Each teacher graduated from a rigorous certification program, and has lots of practical experience. They genuinely care, are inspired by and feel dedicated to this work…helping bodies perform better. Whether you are finding your way back to fitness, post rehab, or an athlete working on refining your performance, we specialize in YOU.

Pilates in Belmont
Every Body Pilates

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Building Better Fitness One Body At A Time

Confidence & Empowerment in Belmont - Every Body Pilates

Confidence & Empowerment

Confidence is key when it comes to better health and wellness. We work hard to build confidence and empower our students so they may see fast and sustainable results. We want all of our clients to move through life with the body they HAVE, learning the skills that create the body you WANT.

Pain-Free Movement in Belmont - Every Body Pilates

Pain-Free Movement

Pain can be debilitating and cause us to stop doing the things we used to enjoy. Get your life back at Every Body Pilates by learning the skills needed for pain free movement. Feel rejuvenated and empowered as you strengthen and stretch your body with our renowned training program and return to the days of pain-free movement.

Corrective Therapy in Belmont - Every Body Pilates

Corrective Therapy

Injury, surgery, illness and everyday inactivity are all causes for the kinds of misalignments and structural deficiencies our bodies can face. But you don't have to be stuck with these issues. Let our targeted training restore your muscles and joints with proven techniques.

New Friends & Mentors in Belmont - Every Body Pilates

New Friends & Mentors

We have fostered a tight-knit family at Every Body Pilates and we can't wait for you to see the difference our support system can make. You’ll join classmates and staff who know the challenges you have faced in your journey and we’ll help you overcome them with constant motivation and love.

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