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  • Return of In Studio Sessions Sneak Peek Video

    We cannot wait to see you back in the studio! Watch a sneak peek of our new studio set up for increased social distancing and hygienic protocols. The music in this video was used with permission of www.bensound.com ....

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  • In Studio Sessions Begin 9.14.2020

    New Protocols & Procedures for In Studio Sessions With our extreme attention to detail and commitment to keeping you, your fellow clients, our staff and all of our loved ones healthy through vigilance and open communication, we will be instituting a series of new protocols and policies. Please click the various links below for more information. What types of sessions are available? How do I schedule a session? Will administrative staff be in the studio? What do I do when I arrive for my session? What do I do during my sessions? How do I clean up at the end of my session? What are the lesson cancellation requirements and quarantine requirements? To Read and Complete ....

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  • In Studio Session Agreement & Waiver

    In Studio Session Agreement & Waiver All clients who wish to attend in studio sessions will be asked to fill out the form below. Clients will be sent a digital copy of this agreement to be signed digitally. Please reach out to the frontdesk@everybodypilates.com should you have any questions. ....

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  • Lesson Cancellations & Quarantine Requirements

    How to Communicate with Every Body Pilates? To communicate changes in schedule, billing or health please email, call, or text us at frontdesk@everybodypilates.com or 617-484-3311. Thank you for observing our 24-hour cancelation policy- this is more important than ever. Please notify us immediately if any of the following circumstances arise: If experiencing a cough, sore throat, or fever If a person living in your immediate household is experiencing a cough, sore throat, or fever If diagnosed with COVID-19 If a person living in your immediate household is diagnosed with COVID-19 If you come in contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19 If a person living in your immediate ....

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  • How do I clean up at the end of my session?

    How do I clean up at the end of my session? Sessions end promptly after 45 minutes. You will have 10 minutes to clean and leave the building- do not linger in the lobby. We have antibacterial wipes supplied nearest to your studio zone for you to wipe down all equipment and props. Return sanitized props to your designated prop kit On your way out please place your used prop kit and hand towel in the designated area in the lobby. ....

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  • What do I do during in studio sessions?

    What do I do during sessions? Wear a mask for the entirety of lesson and while in the building Remain 6 feet apart from all other people Remain in your studio zone for entirety of session Use only the props and equipment available in your prop kit and studio zone. Should you need another prop – please ask your instructor to retrieve it for you. ....

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  • What do I do when I arrive for my session?

    What do I do when I arrive? Text 617-484-3311 upon arrival Please remain in your car or wait on the street Your instructor will respond at the time of entry You must wear a mask at all times while in the building – no exceptions Use hand sanitizer immediately upon entry Stand a minimum of 6 feet away from other patrons, staff and building employees. *If you have forgotten your mask, please text 617-484-3311. Your instructor will bring you a disposable mask to put on prior to entering the building. Disposable masks cost $5 and will be charged to your credit card on file. How do I enter the studio? Knock on the main studio door, your instructor will let you in. Select your ....

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  • Will administrative staff be available in the studio?

    Administrative Staff Administrative staff will continue to work remotely. All scheduling, billing, purchases etc. should be done via the online client portal , email, text or by phone. Teachers are prohibited from assisting in these matters during in-person sessions due to the strict time constraints and restrictions between client sessions. Please reserve all business to email, phone, text or our online client portal . ....

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  • How do I Book In Studio Sessions?

    How to Schedule In Studio Sessions The best way to schedule sessions is to do so through the Online Client Portal. Watch the short video clip below for specific instructions. To see the complete schedule of in-studio sessions please visit our online schedule here. Availability will be limited. We recommend adding yourself to the waitlist for any sessions that may work for your schedule. You may also request appointment times by emailing frontdesk@everybodypilates.com ....

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