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  • Pilates in Belmont

    I am continually impressed by the caliber of your staff. I have had one hell of a year with my shoulder injury in September (humeral fracture and rotator cuff injury) followed by a lingering case of benign positional vertigo. I am finally back to classes andprivate lessons and am appreciating the knowledge and attention to detail of your teachers!

  • Pilates in Belmont

    I have been going to this studio for over 8 years. I was a complete novice (and pretty out of shape) when I started. I am now an evangelist for Pilates in general and for this studio in particular. I have had many teachers at EveryBody Pilates over the years and every single one of them has been an excellent teacher who gave me a different perspective on my body and how it works. They all have truly generous spirits that allow them to focus on the client and whatever body you happen to bring to the studio that day. You don’t have to worry about only working with this teacher or that teacher. They’re all wonderful. Make an appointment and get started.

  • Pilates in Belmont

    I’ve been exercising at Every Body Pilates for five years because of the excellent teaching and the genuinely friendly and welcoming environment. The well-trained instructors provide challenging and varied techniques for moving my body during class and throughout life, making me strong, healthy and integrated while avoiding injury.

  • Pilates in Belmont

    I’ve been a multi sport athlete as well as a college coach coach since the late 1980s (DIII and then DI). As I’ve aged, I’ve used Pilates to manage various ongoing physical challenges – am over 50 now and have been going to Every Body Pilates for almost 10 years. About about five years ago, I was recovering from a rotator cuff injury and focused on Pilates and Red Cord in lieu of PT after not seeing much in the way of a positive outcomes. The results of working with Kirstin were incredibly gratifying and, as importantly, profoundly successful – I have full range of motion and returned strength. The reason professional athletes, high–performing athletes, and many individuals around the world choose Pilates and Red Cord is because these practices efficiently enhance balance, strength and mobility. What differentiates Every Body Pilates is their distinction between teaching movements for movement’s sake versus creating a platform for growth and transformation in each of their students through movement. The mind body connection in Pilates and Red Cord is direct, the movements require a level of concentration and attention to detail that few sports or individual practices demand. Kirstin has enabled me to experience consistent and noticeable improvement because of her her deep knowledge of the practice, her incredible spirit, the excellent equipment she’s assembled. And, by the way, her studio space is incredible – clean, open, light, and incredibly well equipped – the space just has a great vibe.

    I’ve spent years maintaining my fitness in a number of modalities – many team and individual sports, strength training, yoga, and even using a personal training but nothing compares to what Kirstin and her staff can accomplish over time. Sure, I am a bit biased because of my enthusiasm, but for anyone considering a different path towards a deeper mind body connection, just becoming fitter and stronger and/or managing a physical challenge, there is no better place to continue your journey than with Kirstin and all her staff at Every Body Pilates.

  • Pilates in Belmont

    I agree with the first reviewer that this studio can change your life. Every teacher I have worked with is fabulous. I’ve done pilates in other settings, and only in this one did the teachers so effectively communicate how to make contact with inner core muscles that I could never really grasp previously. They have really changed how I look on the outside but even more so, how it feels to live in my body. The beautiful, soothing environment, the teaching about breath, the coordination between breath and body movement – I’m an experienced athlete and psychotherapist, and I can honestly say this place ranks among the best for body and mind that I know of. The Boston area is lucky to have them, and I am incredibly grateful to live within walking distance. My only hesitation in writing this review is that the classes will fill up and I won’t get in !!! But truly – go here, if you want to be strong in body and mind.

  • Pilates in Belmont

    I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for what Every Body Pilates has done for me over the past year. I started my Pilates journey in April 2013 after it was suggested to me by my massage therapist Emily Corrigan. As she knew all too well, I was living with intense lower back strain and was always in a great deal of pain. She told me that strengthening my core would help my back immensely. I was skeptical (and terrified), but I trusted her advice – and I’m so glad that I did!

    In November 2012, I threw my back out – it was BAD. I had to roll out of bed onto all fours and crawl to the bathroom – this was no way for anyone to live, especially not a reasonably fit 36 year old. I was given pain relievers and muscle relaxers and told to alternate heat/cold. I have practiced Bikram yoga since 2009 but I was so afraid of tweaking anything that my yoga practice began to suffer as well. I started visiting a chiropractor and between then and my first session at EBP 5 months later – I went in for realignment 7 times. In the year that I have been practicing at Every Body Pilates, I have only visited the chiropractor 3 times (in 12 months!). What a difference a year makes. I am stronger, more aware of my core and the relationship to my back, and more motivated than ever to continue on this path.

    I may never have 6 pack abs or Jennifer Aniston’s “pilates shoulders” – but for me, it’s not about that. It’s about living my life pain free and knowing what works to make me happy, healthy and most importantly – upright with great posture! I will forever be grateful for your guidance and for changing my life for the better through Pilates.

  • Pilates in Belmont

    Everybody Pilates studio has changed my life and my relationship with my body. Kirsten has created the most beautiful environment for this transformation to take place. If I could, I would go everyday without any resistance, unlike going to the gym. You can feel the strong community of teachers and staff when you walk in, and the training is spot on, caring, and cautious. I have never felt that I would get injured while the staff are there. What I love the most is that the space, the teachers, and the light provide a perfect balance for both mental and physical balance. Pilates can be subtle at first, but the beauty with Everybody Pilates is that the work you do in the studio stays with you when you walk out the door. I am so lucky to have this practice in my life, and Everybody Pilates has made this happen. It is rare to find a studio like this. Kirstin deFrees is tireless in her attention to every aspect of the studio. She is always creating new ideas, programs, and events that serve all the clients of Everybody Pilates.

  • Pilates in Belmont

    I have been coming to Every Body Pilates for my Pilates workouts for over eight years … I highly recommend it to anyone of any fitness level. The instruction you will receive is superior to any I’ve experienced elsewhere. This is a testament to the talent of the owner, Kirstin. She extremely professional, intuitive about what your body needs, and she attracts other top Pilates instructors who share her talent and love of working with clients.

  • Pilates in Belmont

    If anyone is truly interested in the art of Pilates, and seeks the best environment to learn the essence of core strength building, it is, by far Every Body Pilates! … after years of yoga and weight training, I can honestly say the results I have achieved far outshine those provided by other methods!

  • Pilates in Belmont

    As a former Division I college athlete I had many ideas about what strength training and fitness should look like. After working with Kirsten at Every Body Pilates for just a few months I was stronger, leaner and more integrated than I had ever been before. After a year I feel like I have a totally different body.

  • Pilates in Belmont

    Kirstin’s personal attention and great listening has helped me get my body and mind back after my last two pregnancies. Being a mother herself, she really understands how to work with your body, tweak the part that’s really hurting, and help build the strength that every mother needs!

  • Pilates in Belmont

    The Every Body Fitness Studio in Belmont is a treasure. Owner Kirsten deFrees has artfully outfitted this tiny jewel box of a studio with state of the art Pilates equipment and offers a wide range of classes and individual training on both mat and equipment. The real gems here are the instructors though. Many have been with Every Body Fitness for years, and all come to the studio only after studying Pilates exercises as Joseph Pilates intended, with a thorough understanding of body mechanics, how to adapt exercises to every individual, and knowing what is realistic for each person. These are not people who took a weekend course and call themselves Pilates instructors!

    Personally, I have been a loyal client of Every Body Fitness for 8 years, with Anne Marie DeGirolamo as my instructor for most of that time. She has helped me regain nearly a full range of motion after my knee replacement, get back in shape after abdominal surgery, and is now working with me to help alleviate pain from several herniated discs in my back. Along the way I have increased strength and flexibility, better posture and a flatter tummy! I think it says a lot that after moving from Lexington to Bedford I continue to go to Every Body Fitness; their wonderful combination of people, equipment and classes cannot be duplicated.



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