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Building and maintaining a healthy movement practice is a process.

Our staff works diligently to help clients prepare their bodies by nurturing them through consistently healthy (pain free) movement so that they may thrive not only during sessions in the studio but, most importantly, throughout daily life.



Group Classes are a fundamental building block of our curriculum.

Our In Studio Group Classes are designed to build key movement skills utilizing all the apparatus and matwork, and not through a single repertoire.


All classes are:

  • Divided by level
  • Follow a specific curriculum 

Once ready to add group classes to your weekly schedule, all clients start with our Foundations Class. The Foundations Class is designed to hone basic equipment and apparatus safety, teach how to regress & progress exercises for challenge and safety, and establish beginning level Pilates choreography.


Progress happens through regular attendance of:

  • Daily at-home practice
  • Privates
  • Foundations classes

Students work to progress to Level 1 In Studio Classes. As the level of the Group Class increases so does the skill required for regular attendance.


The number of privates and at home practice required before joining a Foundations Class is dependent on a number of factors including but not limited to:  

  • Your Starting point; level of physical fitness, degree of pain or injury, and general mobility
  • Level of movement experience
  • Consistency of daily practice
  • All bodies and experiences are unique which is why it is important to work directly with our staff to discover what you need to keep moving forward.


A varied practice is essential

Practicing outside the studio, in a variety of settings, makes changes last.  Your daily at-home practice, group sessions, private sessions and our directed workout program are designed to support this outside practice.

Consistency of practice is the driving factor in creating and maintaining heathy movement patterns and we are here to help you establish a practice as accessible as it is meaningful- to move through life with the body you HAVE, learning the skills that create the body you WANT. 


Interested only in group fitness?

If you are pain and injury free, with a goal to join solely group fitness classes multiple times a week, we may not be the best fit for you. We encourage you to research other local or franchise studios in the area who primarily focus on using the Pilates Method to create large fitness classes.


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