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“Practice your exercises diligently with the fixed and unalterable determination that you will permit nothing else to sway you from keeping faith with yourself.”

– Joseph Pilates

Pilates Beltmont

Our programming is centered around empowering students well beyond the walls of this studio. Our purpose is to empower our members to move through life with the body the HAVE, learning skills that create the body they WANT.

During your initial session your teacher will establish relevant homework to get you started right away. As you move through your practice you and your instructor will build on your at home practice to keep you progressing.

A daily exercise practice is essential for better overall health. Learning to do something takes time. The more time you put toward Pilates the sooner it can benefit you.

We introduce exercises that are simple and can be done while brushing your teeth, sitting in traffic or doing the dishes. Change happens because of relentlessness, not from force. We encourage clients to add sets, not reps. This allows for you to progress organically without catastrophic injuries or even really inconvenient ones.

Interested in our online homework videos? Ask your instructor during your next lesson about which ones would be most appropriate for you.

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