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“Through the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning this unique trinity of a balanced body, mind and spirit can ever be attained. Self-confidence follows.”

- Joseph Pilates

Our programming is centered around empowering students well beyond the walls of this studio. Our purpose is to empower our members to move through life with the body the HAVE, learning skills that create the body they WANT.

The opportunity to work semi-independently within our studio helps our members achieve their goals more readily with lasting results.

To participate, clients must attend 1 Private, Duet, or Half Private a month to ensure the progression of skills.

Self-Directed Workouts

Establishing a personal practice is essential to long-term wellness, so we invented the Directed Workout to support clients to do just that. Clients work with their instructor to establish an appropriate workout, which graduates to the Self-Directed Workout through an organic progression. Each Directed Workout session provides access to the apparatus and is mentored by one of our highly skilled instructors. Personalized work binders are provided.  

Body Shop

Body Shops are designed as a stepping-stone to Directed Workouts or can be a "tune up" for Directed Workout clients. These sessions are supervised sort of like a Directed Workout, but each student gets 15 minutes of instruction and 40 minutes of practice time. Practice with guidance is fundamental to the mastery of any skill, and we are dedicated to helping you workshop your body to a pain-free, healthy you.

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